Our Mandate

As the name implies the mandate of the Inter-Global Financial Regulatory Board is to oversee, administer and enforce the federal securities laws relating to Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

Secondary to our primary mandate but of no less importance, we interact with the various corporate and legal entities we may encounter during a merger or acquisition.

In addition, we have a responsibility to ensure that all parties involved in any transaction conduct their business in a fair and transparent manner.

We believe that good regulation is good for business, when fraud does occur; it damages the integrity of the entire M&A industry, we adopt a policy of strict adherence and interpretation of the appropriate Federal and State legislation's.

One of the key trends the Inter-Global Financial Regulatory Board must deal with is the global integration of M&A participants.

About Us

The Inter-Global Financial Regulatory Board's role is to establish government oversight. Our mission is to protect participants in the mergers and acquisitions industry. The Inter-Global Financial Regulatory Board is concerned primarily with disclosure of important information, enforcing M&A laws, and protecting participants who interact with these various organizations and individuals.

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A merger occurs when one firm assumes all the assets and all the liabilities of another. The acquiring firm retains its identity, while the acquired firm ceases to exist. A majority vote of shareholders is generally required to approve a merger. A merger is just one type of acquisition. One company can acquire another in several other ways, including purchasing some or all of the company's assets or buying up its outstanding shares of stock.

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Public Information

The Inter-Global Financial Regulatory Board provides you with the latest public service information, including support guides, and special reports, summary of recent enforcements

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